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Advertising Strategy

To Reach Your Customers

Businesses use advertising as a means to spread product and solution awareness and create engagement on a large-scale level. Advertising is arguably the most critical form of marketing, and is often considered the key to success in marketing efforts. By advertising to targeted audiences, you create brand awareness and education that puts your company in front of the right customer, and points out the key differentiators between your business and your competitors.      

On the other hand, B2C strategies focus more directly on the effectiveness of the product or service, and how it directly effects the customer in a practical way that the customer can understand. B2C organizations typically want to focus on customer service, creating a need or a problem, and then offering a solution for it. Marketing in a B2C environment can often require a different approach to emails, special offers, advertising, and social media, because the audience is different. Do you need a fresh look at your current strategy?

Extremely Targeted

Online Advertising

To Reach Your Customers

How does it work? PPC advertising is the process of utilizing search engine results pages to create advertisements that rest above the top organic search results on the page. Typically, PPC ads are created by selecting keywords that searchers will enter and see when they use those specific keywords in a search. The advertisement is then paid for only when clicked, which is a no brainer if that click leads to a sale. Successful businesses across the board use PPC advertising on at least some level, and we encourage our clients to take advantage of it as well.

Extremely Targeted

Traditional Advertising

To Reach Your Customers

Did you know that even in the age of the Internet, traditional advertising is a living and vibrant market? Radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, and even billboards generate huge amounts of awareness and engagement. The key to spreading your advertising efforts out is to diversify the usage of each medium and ensure that you get your company’s name in front of your targeted audience no matter where they are. Print advertising is also a great way to physically connect with your audience. Print advertising typically includes stationary, signs, business cards, mailers, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, bumper stickers, or anything else that can be printed onto a physical surface. Combining a traditional advertising approach with a printed medium is a very common and effective strategy used by successful organizations.

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