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Wi-Fi Advertising

To Reach Your Customers

FacePalm Advertising represents the next big innovation in how brands market themselves to consumers. We use proprietary technology that delivers local, regional, & national advertising to shoppers via secure wifi signals as they shop. By utilizing both the consumers’ personal mobile devices (i.e. mobile phones, tablets, & other connected devices) & our specialized cloud-based software, FacePalm is able to deliver highly targeted advertisements that engage & benefit consumers.





The Advertisements

Advertisements can be delivered in many different ways, according to the merchant’s specifications. The location-based advertisements can be delivered via direct injection (pop-up ads), window-in-window ads, banner ads, & advertising overlays. In addition to the flexibility of ad types, FacePalm Advertising also provides a unique feature called Shopper View, which allows retailers to access information about shoppers & enables them to engage with their clientele via & text message & email. Crucially, Shopper View helps merchants drive their consumers to sales items & last-minute specials without having to download or run the merchant’s app on their phone.

  • Advertising Injections

    Advertising Injections

    Advertising Injections enable merchants to immediately engage their customers by overlaying curated advertisements directly on top of a shopper’s web browser.

  • Detailed Advertisements

    Detailed Advertisements

    Easy to create & even easier to use, Detailed Advertisements are digital coupons, complete with all pertinent merchant information & even including POS scannable barcodes. Shoppers can even add them to their mobile wallets, including Apple Passbook & Google Wallet.

  • Advertisement

    Advertisement Pop-Overs enable merchants to take advantage of their competitor’s advertising & use it for themselves. FacePalm’s proprietary technology can automatically identify paid advertisement space on any website shoppers visit & place the merchant’s ad directly over it, all without altering the site’s original content.

  • Video Commercial Breaks

    Video Commercial Breaks consist of short selections of televised advertising that run on a shoppers mobile device, during which time their current wifi session is paused until the ad is over. Video Commercial Breaks can be configured to run at customizable intervals & can be targeted to consumers based on geolocation & device type.


FacePalm Advertising offers many unique benefits to customers, including discounts & coupons automatically sent directly to them & free wifi, thus saving their valuable data plans. Additionally, advertisements are tailored to a customer’s personal interests, are specific to his location, & are highly relevant to what he is doing (e.g. receiving coupons for bread while shopping at the grocery store).

Merchants that advertise on the network, allows vendors to make quick & meaningful contact with their targeted consumer demographic at a cost substantially lower than conventional advertising methods. It’s also a highly convenient way to create & see the effects of new advertising strategies in real time.

We offer incentive profit sharing opportunities for customers that provide
free Wi-Fi to their customers in large properties like outlet or shopping malls.

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